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Wednesday, 2-Mar-2005 00:00 Email | Share | Bookmark
SePeT - dah tgk lomsss??

Guys, have you watched Sepet?

If watched Sepet(one time) = Yes Then
Go.Watch Sepet(one more time)
ElseIf watched Sepet(one time) = No Then
Go.Watch Sepet(Right Now!)
End If

Aku nih semangat lak nak promokan filem terbaru Yasmin Ahmad nih. Pasal aku rasa la kan been a long time since i last saw a malaysian movie that managed to capture the audiences feelings - be it sad, happy, angry, sweet and romantic. Aku pon dah layan citer nih 2 kali - first time terasa kelakar habis, but the second time only then i can really immense myself in the sad reality of the movie.

Those in the cinema who cant laugh seeing the antics of Mak Inom (Ida nerina) and Pak Atan(Harith Iskandar) have one big stick stuck up their arse. Cmon guys, they're hilarious!

The time when Jason gave the Chungking express vcd to Orked, and after that all his friends started teasing him. I love this scene. Reminds me of the time i first tackled my fiance back during our uni days. Also the scene at the busstop in the rain - so cuteee!

I'm damn pissed-off with that 2 malay boys -Johari and Ridhwan - especially the one who force himself onto Orked. Damn you boys! Perangai memalukan org melayu! But sadly thats the reality today.

Hmmm, this one is tricky. Cant think of one definitive scene to describe romantic. Maybe the movie is a great adaptation of Malaysian life that makes it void of overly romantic scenes like the yucky 'I jump, you jump'.

The last 15 mins is really tear-jerking. Go watch it urself. I dont want to spoil it for you


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