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Wednesday, 20-Jul-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Trip back to Kuala Kangsar

Last saturday me and my freinds from MCOBA Rugby has a roadtrip back to good ol' kuala kangsar. It was for a match later that evening against the present boys side.

Sorry no pictures from the game - the cameraman is too busy sweating it out on the field. In fact, I played full time! quite an achievement for an unfit veteran like me.

The pics are from our ride in the bus, the lunch at Yut Loy, and the after match lepaking and dinner at Lembah.

BTW, the result was MCOBA 32 Present Boys 24.

That's 6 years in a row that we won against them. Gonna make it 10 before I hang up my boots for good.

MCOBA Rugby 2005

Friday, 8-Jul-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
My Birthday Month

Ayinz in negotiation mode 1
Comptel Training @ Nokia Office, Cyberjaya
Ayinz Menung @ Pelita Bangsar
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Hi guys!

Been quite a while since i've updated my fotopage, and as the subject may suggest, I turn 25 this month. Yup, already a quater-centurion (is there such term?)

The birthday celebration was nothing grand, my fiance the lovely ayinz took for for a dinner at Planet Hollywood. Unfortunately we didnt get near-stage tables, but since NRG wasn't playing anyway so no biggie. The food was okay, almost similar to Chillies but with less variety.

For my birthday i got only 2 gifts - some u**** from ayinz and a Nokia 6680 from my office. ahaks! sure korang terbangak. baik sangat ker opis feiz nih. To be frank, almost everybody in TM3G got the phone. Quite suprised really since when we really needed the phone when doing testing and such, it was not given to us. talk about perfect timing. But heck, it is still welcome. Thanx PMO for such an 'unbelievable' gift.

So using this 6680, I subscribed to Celcom 3G under the corporate package. How I rate the service - if you are the kind of people who luggs around his/her laptop to go surf at starbucks/coffee bean/kopitiam yut loy, then this 3G service is a must have. The speed for internet browsing is comparable with Streamyx, and its mobile. Just subscribe for the RM150 package for unlimited usage. Furthermore Celcom is having a promotion of 3 months free internet browsing for those chaps who cant afford the RM150 monthly fee.

As you all can see from the pictures above, the phone-camera is not bad at all! Its 1.3 MPixel. so from now on expect frequent updates of this fotopage.

Tuesday, 24-May-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
A Day with the Kids at Alamanda

Meself and the kids
This is Siti Sarah, the 3rd sibling
Aishah and Sarah
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They are so0o00o cute, arent they?!

They are my nieces and nephew, namely Siti Aishah, Siti Khadijah, Siti Sarah and the only boy with the loudest cry around - Feirish.

Actually my fiance and meself were in cyberjaya having a look at currently in progress house at Bandar Pinggiran Cyber. So we thought of dropping by my brother's house to see the kids. My bro and his wife werent around, so i decided to 'kidnap' the kids and take them around in my new Picanto.

So off to alamanda we went. First mistake there. Rule 1 - if u r not yet a parent dont ever take four crybabies out to the mall! there were so many distractions - balloons, toys, icecream. Feirish end up crying his heart out when he saw balloons and wanted one - not that i dont want to, but he was already holding one balloon in his hand! people were staring at this kid and this adult who tried as he may but still cant quell the loud cry. Thankgod the other kids arent as loud as him. In fact, i think they behaved rather well yesterday.

hahahahah, parenthood wont be easy i guess........

Tuesday, 12-Apr-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
Pictures of Yesteryear

Before PPM English Debate Final 1997
Pesta Buah 1997
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Guys n Girls,

I am thoroughly suprised to rediscover this collection of pictures. A fortunate search on Google revealed that my Fortunecity account is still alive after all these years. It was at Fortunecity that I created and published my very first website - XXIInd Thoroughbred Picture Gallery.

I was an avid photographer back in koleq. Evenmoreso, I managed to support my craving for latenight 'order' food by making a business out of selling pictures. Priced at 50cents each, I can easily get hundreds of orders per week, thus a minimum profit of RM50 per roll of film is certainly not far from reach.

My koleq-days collection eventually swelled up to more than 1000 pictures. This I dare say this is the biggest collection of pictures ever collected by a Malay College student during a 5-year stay in this alma mater. Any doubters? Prove me wrong

So people, to ponder how youthfulness brought us such wonderful memories is a blessing bestowed upon us by God Almighty when the offer letter arrived on our doorsteps that fateful day. 8 years have gone by, but by all means all budak koleq never age even abit - just the belly would grow bigger, the wallet would grow thicker, and in some case - budak koleqs Jr are in the making.


Ps : For the complete collection, please click here

Monday, 11-Apr-2005 00:00 Email | Share | | Bookmark
MCKK 100 Years Celebration

Perarakan Watikah DiRaja
Raja-Raja Melayu
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Malay College Kuala Kangsar celebrated its 100th year of existence with a colourful parade of 7 elephants within the town of Kuala Kangsar, followed by the Proclamation by The Malay Rulers Council that MCKK be reinstated as National Heritage "as long as the sun, moon and stars move across the heavens.."
Really joyous day it was! Me and my batchmates made our way back to Kuale the night before, reaching KK at around 0030, upon arrival we were received with a spectacular display of lights and sounds over BigSchool.
The morning comes and with koleq boys and Old Boys in cheerful and raya-like mood, cloth in their best baju melayu and sampin, gather at big school field to witness the historic event. Me and Salad had other ideas - we went gajah hunting! We followed the elephant procession from the very beginning. Ran almost all the way, climbed on top of the Clifford School fence (which, of course, wont abode well with their students and oldboys and finally slumped tired at the bigschool field while the proclamation was being made by YDP Agong.
Enjoy the pics. The complete collection can be viewed here -

Geybang Gallery


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